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Senator Waugh’s Bills

April 17, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Filed under News.

SB59  Crabs – Harvest Times – Holidays

Watermen asked for and got early crabbing hours on three summer holiday weekends, to get the crabs to market earlier (and livelier) when it’s hot.


SB70  Unemployment Insurance Exemption for Youth Sports Workers

Sports officials like referees are exempt from unemployment insurance, but coaches were not, and St. Mary’s Youth Soccer League was going to have to pay more just to calculate the insurance costs for its coaches than it would actually pay for the insurance. The same was going to be true for football, basketball, lacrosse and more – all over the State. This bill might save hundreds of thousands dollars wasted on accountants, and let that money be put to use for kids.


SB299  Golf Carts for Golden Beach / Patuxent Knolls

Golden Beach and Patuxent Knolls are small communities far from the hustle of Route 5. They’ve asked for permission to operate golf carts on their County roads like a car but without registration, only between dawn and dusk. Drivers still need a license!


SB1084  Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprises

Maryland is required to award 1% of its procurement contracts to Veteran owned businesses, and we made it simpler for them to compete. Instead of going through a long VA process, veteran owned businesses will be trusted self-identify – businesses caught cheating will be penalized.


SB1165  Maryland Longitudinal Data System (MLDS)

MLDS tracks students into the workforce so we know if our schools are really preparing them effectively. This bill extended that tracking, while protecting the data by restricting access, de-personalizing the data that is analyzed, restricting releasable data, and prohibiting the sale of data.

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