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Calvert County Funding

April 17, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Filed under News.

Direct State Aid to Calvert County remained almost unchanged this year. Education funding for K-12 reflected the shrinking student population, but Libraries and the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) saw increases. Public Safety stayed the same while Transportation funding increased by 16% and Program Open Space dramatically increased by over 70%.

LEARN MORE: Calvert State-Aid-by-Program-2017


$17M for Calvert Capital Projects:

 10,500,000 Northern High School
   4,250,000 Solomons Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
   1,617,500 Chesapeake Heights/Dares Beach Arsenic Treatment
      508,000 Calvert County Detention Center Site and Security Improvements
       75,000 Hallowing Point State Park – Boating Facility Master Plan
       50,000 North Beach Fire Department – Marine Fire/Rescue Boat Acquisition
       50,000 End Hunger in Calvert County Warehouse
       38,292 Aging Schools Program
 17,088,792 Calvert Total

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