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Education Forum

November 18, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Comments Off on Education Forum | Filed in News

For folks who could not join us Wednesday night, these are the slides presented.

2017 Education Forum


Harvey Relief- How We Can Help

September 1, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Comments Off on Harvey Relief- How We Can Help | Filed in News
We’ve all seen Nature’s fury descend on the Gulf Coast, pouring the equivalent of the Chesapeake Bay on Texas. We’ve also seen the best in humanity as neighbor helps neighbor through the crisis.
I’ve watched my old high school friends struggle through it all with extraordinary American spirit. Many here in Southern Maryland want to help. Some are organizing, but most don’t know how they can.
The people on the scene know what they need so I reached out to Texas State Senator Larry Taylor, who represents part of the affected area. Senator Taylor has given me a list of charities in his District that need our help.
I encourage you to take the below list to your community groups, church, or fraternal organizations and connect directly. Every dollar counts.
Thank you for your support.  We stand with Texas.
Somebody Cares is partnering with churches in the greater Houston area to provide ongoing relief for victims. Right now they are feeding thousands of folks in Friendswood, Pearland, Brazoria County, and Galveston County and will continue their work after the Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA, etc. leave.
Contact: Rick Torrison, 832-512-7421
Kidz Harbor is a children’s shelter that our office works with frequently. They lost all of their furniture in the flooding, and will need to replace beds, couches, washers and dryers, etc. They would be an excellent partner to work with.
Contact: Sharon Beard,, 281-581-2505
The Pearland Neighborhood Center provides a variety of services to local families (rent assistance, food bank, GED scholarships, etc.) They have a short term need for bug spray, sunscreen, bleach, Gatorade, baby wipes and trash bags, but the anticipation is that the needs of the community will drastically increase in the coming weeks and months.
Contact: Naomi Stevens,, 281-485-1987

Veteran Summit

August 21, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Comments Off on Veteran Summit | Filed in News

Senator Waugh is proud to announce the Veterans Caucus will host a Veteran Summit, November 7th, at the State Senate Office Building in Annapolis.

The Caucus is inviting over 100 veteran service organizations to send a representative as the voice of their veteran community. The goal of the Veteran Summit is to identify the top priorities within each of five separate categories: Health, Education, Jobs, Taxes, and Personal matters.

The initial list of 135 issues was drawn from a search of over 360 veteran bills passed by one of the other 49 states during 2016. Representatives at the Summit will use those categorized issues as a starting point from which to add or subtract from, then prioritize. Each issue shall be considered for impact on every member of the veteran family, including National Guard, Reserve, Active Duty, spouses, children, disabled, Senior, Retired and the honorably discharged.

Invitations will be going out soon, however, organizations can contact the Caucus now and commit to participate. Veteran organizations that have multiple chapters throughout the state will be limited to a single representative. Any veteran organizations that want to participate should immediately contact the Caucus for assignment to a category working group. Every participant will have an opportunity to vote on every issue in every category at the end of the Summit.

The product of the summit will be a Veterans Agenda that will represent the voice of the veteran community to the Maryland General Assembly, providing a menu and road map for legislation. The Veterans Agenda will be a bipartisan, bi-cameral legislative agenda, and will form the core of the Veterans Caucus mission for years to come. The Veterans Agenda will light the path to make Maryland the most Veteran-friendly state in the Union.

Liquor Laws Forum Presentation

July 20, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Comments Off on Liquor Laws Forum Presentation | Filed in News

For those unable to attend last night’s Liquor Laws Forum, I have uploaded my PowerPoint presentation which highlights bills that passed as well as those I expect to make a return next year.  As always, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office.

2017 Alcohol Forum

-Senator Steve Waugh

Veteran’s Forum Presentation

June 26, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Comments Off on Veteran’s Forum Presentation | Filed in News

For those unable to attend last week’s Veteran’s forum, I have uploaded my PowerPoint presentation which highlights bills that passed as well as those I expect to make a return next year.  As always, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office.

2017 Veteran Forum 

-Senator Steve Waugh

Senator Waugh Receives 3rd Consecutive Perfect Pro-Jobs Score

June 15, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Comments Off on Senator Waugh Receives 3rd Consecutive Perfect Pro-Jobs Score | Filed in News

Senator Steve Waugh is pleased to announce that for the third year in a row he has received a 100% score from Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG) in this year’s General Assembly scorecard, indicating a pro-jobs position. MBRG considers cumulative scores above 70% as pro-jobs.

Each year, MBRG’s State Advisory Council selects recorded votes from the most recent General Assembly session that are essential to create/retain jobs and promote a healthy business climate throughout Maryland. MBRG identifies these bills in Roll Call and analyzes the votes to produce a score for each legislator. For the 2017 analysis, Roll Call analyzed 15 Senate votes and 16 House votes.

Upon receiving news he once again received a perfect score, Senator Waugh stated “Jobs are the issue; making Maryland better for business will keep and grow jobs for our children.”

“We appreciate those legislators who are able to look deeper at a bill, beyond an innocuous bill title, such as The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act, for example, to recognize that such mandates not only harm Maryland’s business climate, but will likely cause even more hardship for the very people the bills purport to help. Mandated paid leave is irrelevant if you no longer have a job.” said Duane Carey, President of MBRG.

MBRG is a statewide, nonpartisan political research and education organization supported by corporations, trade associations, chambers of commerce, and individuals. Its purpose is to inform Maryland’s business community, elected officials, and the general public about the political and economic environment needed to foster economic development and job creation in Maryland. Annual evaluations of the voting records of Maryland’s state and federal legislators enable MBRG and its members to hold politicians accountable for the state’s economic well-being like no other organization.

Roll Call is compiled by an independent advisory council of roughly 18 organizations (companies, chambers of commerce, and other business and trade organizations) involved in the 90-day session in Annapolis. The purpose of Roll Call is to educate, inform, and empower Maryland employers, business owners, and others to engage in a dialogue with elected officials on issues critical to a healthy economic development climate in Maryland. MBRG has been issuing its annual report card for 32 years.

The 2017 edition of Roll Call can be downloaded at

Birthday Celebration Event- June 15th, 2017

June 6, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Comments Off on Birthday Celebration Event- June 15th, 2017 | Filed in News
 It was a great year!
As your State Senator representing District 29 in Annapolis,
 I will continue to fight for less government spending, less government bureaucracy and your Second Amendment rights.
But I can’t do this without your support!
Please join me on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 5:30 pm at Elements Eatery and Mixology in Lexington Park for a casual evening among friends as we discuss the 2017 legislative session, look forward to 2018 and all that’s in between!  The evening will include light fare and non-alcoholic drinks; a cash bar will be available.  And of course, no birthday celebration would be complete without a cake!
Tickets are $35 per person in advance or $40 per person at the door.  Sponsorship opportunities are also available. To RSVP and purchase your tickets please click on the link below.
I hope to see you on June 15th!
To register or make a donation, click here

Senator Waugh’s Bills

April 17, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Comments Off on Senator Waugh’s Bills | Filed in News

SB59  Crabs – Harvest Times – Holidays

Watermen asked for and got early crabbing hours on three summer holiday weekends, to get the crabs to market earlier (and livelier) when it’s hot.


SB70  Unemployment Insurance Exemption for Youth Sports Workers

Sports officials like referees are exempt from unemployment insurance, but coaches were not, and St. Mary’s Youth Soccer League was going to have to pay more just to calculate the insurance costs for its coaches than it would actually pay for the insurance. The same was going to be true for football, basketball, lacrosse and more – all over the State. This bill might save hundreds of thousands dollars wasted on accountants, and let that money be put to use for kids.


SB299  Golf Carts for Golden Beach / Patuxent Knolls

Golden Beach and Patuxent Knolls are small communities far from the hustle of Route 5. They’ve asked for permission to operate golf carts on their County roads like a car but without registration, only between dawn and dusk. Drivers still need a license!


SB1084  Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprises

Maryland is required to award 1% of its procurement contracts to Veteran owned businesses, and we made it simpler for them to compete. Instead of going through a long VA process, veteran owned businesses will be trusted self-identify – businesses caught cheating will be penalized.


SB1165  Maryland Longitudinal Data System (MLDS)

MLDS tracks students into the workforce so we know if our schools are really preparing them effectively. This bill extended that tracking, while protecting the data by restricting access, de-personalizing the data that is analyzed, restricting releasable data, and prohibiting the sale of data.

Gov. Hogan’s Agenda

April 17, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Comments Off on Gov. Hogan’s Agenda | Filed in News

Gov. Hogan introduced a massive agenda this year, and Maryland won as a result. Some of the Gov’s victories were:

St. Mary’s County Local Bills

April 17, 2017 by Office of Senator Steve Waugh | Comments Off on St. Mary’s County Local Bills | Filed in News

St. Mary’s Local Bills: 18/18

  • Debt Package

The package gives the Commissioners the accountability to manage MetCom debt, gives them the $26.3 million debt authority that they requested, while at the same time responsibly limits County debt in the future.

MetCom made a number of puzzling decisions in borrowing over the last few years, and their debt is guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the County. The Commissioners review MetCom’s Operating Budget and must approve their Capital Budget, but missed those mistakes for years. In the future, MetCom will need a full BoCC hearing and vote for every new loan.

The Delegation authorized $26 million more for any remaining priorities in their last 2 years, and as a compromise the Commissioners agreed to $500,000 of tax relief for the County.

In 2005 a bond bill passed the Legislature with a huge drafting error that more than doubled the County debt limit and struck legally required language. Although the County was unaware of the mistakes in their own laws, when the Delegation found it the State’s Attorney General required us to submit legislation to fix it. While fixing this we made sure the County’s debt limit includes all the debt made against the good faith and credit of the County, which includes MetCom.

SB735 / HB914 St. Mary’s County – MetCom Authority to Borrow Money
SB736 / HB892 St. Mary’s County – Public Facility Bonds
SB737 / HB1055 St. Mary’s County – Indebtedness – Limitations


  • 10 Repeals

Lots of people ask if we ever get rid of old laws, and this year we got rid of ten archaic local laws that have been pre-empted by State law.

SB394 / HB243 St. Mary’s County – Auditing Requirements – Repeal
SB163 / HB208 St. Mary’s County – Electricians and Board of Electrical Examiners – Repeal
SB102 / HB109 St. Mary’s County – Farm Fences – Repeal
SB103 / HB187 St. Mary’s County – Foxes and Hounds – Repeal of Provisions
SB234 / HB404 St. Mary’s County – Land Records – Repeal
SB101 / HB194 St. Mary’s County – Licensing and Operation of Amusement Devices – Repeal
SB140 / HB207 St. Mary’s County – Local Plumbing Code – Repeal
SB162 / HB163 St. Mary’s County – Mobile Home Parks – Repeal
SB297 / HB431 St. Mary’s County – Tax Exemptions – Repeal of Local Provisions
SB124 / HB209 St. Mary’s County – Vocational Training Facility – Repeal


  • 5 New Local Laws

We made changes to dog tags, an update to salaries for some elected officials (after the next election), and a change to classification of some personnel at MetCom that should help them attract and retain the best people.  We also created 2 new types of local liquor licenses requested by the City of Leonardtown.

SB104 / HB108 St. Mary’s County – Regulation of Animals – Dogs
SB298 / HB682 St. Mary’s County – Sheriff, County Treasurer, and State’s Attorney – Salaries
SB395 / HB679 St. Mary’s County – Metropolitan Commission – Personnel
HB0526 St. Mary’s County – Alcoholic Beverages – Art Establishment License
HB0538 St. Mary’s County – Alcoholic Beverages – Beauty Salon License


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